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Kitchens and style collections

Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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7 Wallpapers That Transform Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a great place for wallpaper. With the correct installation, you can make a bold design statement that will last for years. Whether you want something light and elegant or striking and modern, the choice is up to you.

The post 7 Wallpapers That Transform Your Bathroom appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

A bathroom is a great place for wallpaper. With the correct installation, you can make a bold design statement that will last for years. Whether you want something light and elegant or striking and modern, the choice is up to you.

The post 7 Wallpapers That Transform Your Bathroom appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Since the bathroom isn’t really a hangout destination in the house, it often gets pushed to the bottom of the renovation list. However, bathroom wallpaper lets you refresh the look of your bathroom without taking on a deep overhaul.

When you think of a bathroom remodel, wallpaper might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But there’s really no reason for that. Today, you can get moisture-resistant wallpaper that looks great and is durable. It’s cheaper than tiling your bathroom and is more reversible, too.

Plus, you can get designs with wallpaper that you can’t get with tile or other materials. Wallpaper isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely making a comeback right now. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired about using it in your bathroom.

1. Geometric and modern

Metallic silver interlocking geometric pattern bathroom wallpaper.


This bathroom wallpaper is sure to leave an impression on your guests. In this powder room, silver metallic lines envelop you in geometric patterns. One thing you might notice is that this bathroom is a powder room. That means it doesn’t have a shower or bath inside, and that’s an important distinction.

Your options for wallpaper are wider for powder rooms. That’s because the walls aren’t subjected to steam and moisture like they are in full bathrooms. Bathroom wallpaper can come in varying degrees of water resistance. For a powder room, you could even use standard paper. However, vinyl wallpaper is the best option for wetter environments.

2. Traditional woodland scene bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom wallpaper with a traditional woodland scene in white and brown.


This wallpaper works well in this more traditional bathroom. The pattern here is quite the opposite of the last pattern. It’s almost like a storybook illustration of a scene out in the country. Also, you’ll notice that many of the wallpaper patterns in our article just use two or three colors. That’s because using a minimal color palette for your walls lets you have more freedom in the rest of the bathroom’s design.

Now, this bathroom is a full bathroom. As we mentioned above, you’d want to go with a vinyl wallpaper in this case. Also, it will help to prime your walls with mold-resistant primer beforehand. You’ll need flat walls in your bathroom and it’s best to have a professional come and do the installation. Even though it might look easy, a professional will ensure you get the most life out of the wallpaper.

3. Wintry branches

White and black bathroom wallpaper with wintry tree branches.


Here’s a bold white-and-black wallpaper design. This could work great in a city apartment to remind you of natural landscapes you might not see every day. And judging by the sink area, this looks like a small bathroom. The designer picked an appropriate pattern that brings spaciousness to the room.

4. Tropical oasis bathroom wallpaper

Blue wallpaper in the bathroom with a pattern of animals and plants.


Now we’ve left the frosty forest and headed to an island teeming with jungle life. That’s what’s so great about wallpaper. You can really change the whole look of your bathroom in so many different ways.

In this bathroom, the bright blue wallpaper is the main event. Everything else?except the towels?is finished in wood or hues of grey. You can imagine that this bathroom would really help you to get energized and ready for the day.

5. Butterfly explosion

This bold wallpaper covers the bathroom in butterflies and makes a statement.


Talk about bold wallpaper! Just step into this bathroom and you’ll get swept up in a kaleidoscope of butterflies. The shadows behind the butterflies really make it seem like they are in mid-flight.

This is another example of a powder room with wallpaper. Now, what if you were set on a type of wallpaper that’s not meant for a full-sized bathroom? Is there anything you can do?

In fact, there is. You can install standard paper in a full bath, but you need to be careful. In addition to a mold-resistant primer underneath, you should use a clear varnish over your wallpaper to seal it from moisture.

6. Light bathroom wallpaper with white blossoms

Bathroom wallpaper with white and gold tree blossoms over a pastel mint background.


Here’s another nature-themed wallpaper. Many people enjoy gazing at patterns in nature it’s no wonder they work so well in wallpaper. This wallpaper shows white cherry blossoms and branches over a pastel mint sky. Even though there’s a lot going on, it doesn’t make the room feel tighter. In fact, it adds to the airiness of the space with its emphasis on light colors.

Within the vinyl wallpaper category, you have a couple of options. Most vinyl paper is installed with an adhesive. However, there are peel-and-stick versions as well. This second kind is a good option for people who rent their homes since the wallpaper can be removed pretty easily.

7. Bold colors and dense patterns

This bathroom uses bold wallpaper in bright blue and gold that depicts a nature scene.


This bathroom wallpaper doesn’t hold anything back. A color pallet of blue, gold, and cream produces an intricate scene of trees, water, and buildings. What really stands out are the deep blue trees against the other colors.

The color doesn’t stop there. The designer for this bathroom used the wallpaper as a launchpad for two bright red mirrors. They really pop out against the blue and make this a fun place to be.


From elegant and traditional to bright and bold, there’s a wallpaper that works for any bathroom. The main thing to keep in mind is the water-resistance of the paper. With the right installation, you can enjoy wallpaper in your bathroom for many years.

The post 7 Wallpapers That Transform Your Bathroom appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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