The interplay of lines and surfaces, together with perfectly balanced proportions, creates a sculptural kitchen decor of unique beauty and timeless elegance.
We Visit You At Home

That's right. We come to you instead of you coming to us. We will measure your kitchen. Then we ask you questions and start the actual design process with you.

Preliminary Computer Designs

We will use the measurements we took of your kitchen to put together preliminary designs of your new kitchen. Then we discuss and adjust with you at our second meeting.

Begin The Detailed Design Process

Once we have the preliminary designs complete, we will begin to put together detailed designs for you, which include specific cabinets, appliances, floors, etc.

Kitchens and style collections

Kitchens and style collections
A fundamental simplicity that is understood the world over. A relaxed spirit that inspires. Here, one's personality can unfold. Because here people are the center of attention, not furniture.
Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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What to Expect From A Remodeling Consultation

It's time to bring in a pro to make that dream kitchen a reality. Here’s what to expect with the consultation process, and what you should have together beforehand.

The post What to Expect From A Remodeling Consultation appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

It's time to bring in a pro to make that dream kitchen a reality. Here’s what to expect with the consultation process, and what you should have together beforehand.

The post What to Expect From A Remodeling Consultation appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Remodeling consultations can be as unique as the contractors who give them. There isn’t one industry standard way to do it, but there are a few things you can expect.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Decide the budget and scope beforehand
  • Figure out the consultation fees
  • The remodeling consultation process
  • After the consultation
  • Cheatsheet: Questions to ask your contractor

Decide The Budget And Scope Of Work First

Dream kitchens like this open concept one start with remodeling consultations.
Before you sit down with a contractor or designer, you should have a few things figured out already. You’ve probably been dreaming about what you want to do with your kitchen or bathroom for a while, but have you crunched the numbers?

You should definitely have a concrete budget for your remodeling project in mind before you have a design consultation. This lets the contractor know what type of materials and installations to suggest to you. If your budget is $12,000, it doesn’t make sense to spend $10,000 on a top-of-the-line gas range and leave the rest of your kitchen on a shoestring.

Also, things can change during the construction process, so it’s also good to plan for a little wiggle room in your budget. Cosmetic renovations might reveal other issues beneath the surface, especially if you have a vintage home.

Figure Out The Consultation Fees

Remodeling consultations for modern bathrooms like this one can come with design fees.
Designing a renovation takes time and effort. Some contractors provide custom 3D renderings and diagrams with multiple revisions. If that’s the case, the contractor might charge for the work to create a design. Or, they might charge a larger fee for a back-and-forth design process.

But depending on the project, other contractors might just offer phone and in-person remodeling consultations with verbal suggestions and drawings. In this case, you wouldn’t pay a fee for the consultation or designs.

While detailed designs can be an upfront cost, they also give you something concrete to refer to later on. If the construction veers off course, you can always hold the contractor to the promise of the designs.

On that note, when hiring a contractor, try to pick one that’s highly rated on an industry website like Angie’s List or Home Advisor. Usually, these providers will have a written process that details what customers can expect. It might be tempting to use your friend’s cousin who “does some remodeling,” but there’s a greater chance that the project won’t go to plan if you do that.

The Remodeling Consultation Process

Remodeling consultations can include showroom tours to compare materials.
Usually, things will start off with a phone call. During the call, you’ll let the contractor know about your budget and the scope of the work. It’s important to ask them if they charge for designs at this point.

After the call, the contractor will do a walkthrough of your room, whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, or anything else. Expect them to go into other rooms of your home, too. This shows that they’re being thorough.

They will take a look at your electrical systems and plumbing. And they might have to go into your attic or basement to get a better idea of the situation. They might ask to see blueprints or designs of your home, as well. All of this is important. It’s all fun and games until you knock down a wall and open up a sewage line.

A consultation is rarely a one-time thing. You’ll probably meet with or talk to your contractor at least a handful of times before moving ahead with the project. After the initial walkthrough, your contractor may draw up some designs or invite you to a showroom to view materials. It’s a good idea to see things like countertop materials and tile options in person instead of just through online photos.

After The Consultation

After your contractor has a good idea of what you want, they will give you a bid for the project. In fact, you should get multiple bids from different companies. That’s the only way to know if you’re getting the best value.

Notice, we didn’t say the best deal. You don’t want to pick the cheapest option around, because there may be a reason why it’s so cheap. Make sure the bids are broken down line by line, and that they include costs for the different materials you want.

Take note if the contractor guarantees their pricing or timeline. Make sure you know the route to take if things go off course or you need to move to another company. When you’re confident in the situation, you can hire your contractor and get things started.

Cheatsheet: Questions To Ask Your Contractor

If you’re stumped or short on time, you can use these questions in your remodeling consultation:

  • Do I have to pay for the designs?
  • Tell me about your most recent project?was it a success?
  • Show me some home remodeling projects that are similar to mine
  • What design trends should I be aware of?especially if I want to sell later on?
  • Are my goals for this space achievable? Are they achievable in my budget?
  • Can I live in my home during the renovation?
  • Do you stick to your construction timelines?
  • Why should I pick you over another contractor?
  • Can I change my mind on the design once work has started?

The post What to Expect From A Remodeling Consultation appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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