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Kitchens and style collections

Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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15 insane high-end bathroom vanities

If you're going to sit at your bathroom vanity to get ready every day, why not make it something exciting? Check out these luxury vanity ideas to get inspiration for your next bathroom project.

The post 15 insane high-end bathroom vanities appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

If you're going to sit at your bathroom vanity to get ready every day, why not make it something exciting? Check out these luxury vanity ideas to get inspiration for your next bathroom project.

The post 15 insane high-end bathroom vanities appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

These high-end bathroom vanities span the range from bright glittering gold to muted gray, but they are all luxurious. Check out these 15 different designs to find inspiration for your next project.

1. Vanity from the heavens

Gilded gold high-end bathroom vanity in Eltham Palace, England.

Starting off our list of high-end vanities is a huge bathroom gilded in gold and marble. This lavish room was part of millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld’s renovation of Eltham Palace in England in the 1930s. The Greek goddess Psyche hangs out in the gold alcove. If you don’t have to worry about a budget, the sky’s the limit.

2. Natural textures

Stone and wood combine in this warm luxury bathroom vanity.

Here’s a bathroom more suited to mortals. Stone and wood bring in natural textures that make this modern room feel warm. Instead of gilded gold, the veins in the marble provide visual interest and excitement.

3. Palatial retreat

Huge ceilings and marble tile in this high-end bathroom contrast the wide bathroom vanity.

This high-end bathroom features a wide vanity with plenty of cabinets and drawers for storage. Like the last example, the wood construction of this designer bathroom vanity pairs well with the natural stone tile.

4. Dark and minimalist

Dark stone and natural wood make this high-end bathroom vanity simple and elegant.

This luxury bathroom vanity grows out of its surroundings naturally. The dark stone tiles are mirrored in the countertop, and the light hardwood ties the space together. A luxury vanity can be understated and minimal, like this one.

5. Glittering mosaic tiles

A glittering bathroom vanity covered in gold mosaic tiles with glossy cabinets.

Here’s another bathroom vanity that’s all about the bling. The whole room is a mix of intense patterns and flat textures, all with glittering gold features. While your eye is taken in by the intricate mosaic of tiles, the large mirror and plain wall provide balance for the room.

6. Backlit vanity

Simple wood with lighting behind the mirror makes this luxury vanity blend into the background.

The main focus of this bathroom is the view past the standing tub. Notice how most of the room is designed with simple textures and clean lines. The backlit vanity enhances the mellow vibe of the room.

7. Gray on gray

Cool concrete and gray wood cover this bathroom including the vanity with under cabinet lighting.

What’s the opposite of shiny gold? Matte gray is a good contender. This whole bathroom is decked out in gray, whether the material is concrete or hardwood. You can also see a number of mellow LED lighting elements here too, under the countertops and above the wall. In this bathroom, luxury means simple and smooth.

8. Light gray with dark cognac notes

Dark wood stands out against light marble in this luxury bathroom vanity.

This bathroom uses a lot of different grays as well, but the vanity itself contrasts the rest of the room with a dark cognac hardwood finish. It stands out against the light marble that covers so much of the room.

9. Powder pink

A whimsical bathroom vanity with light pink contrasting stark black and white stone.

Now, here’s a bathroom vanity that’s all about contrast. The powder pink tiles and wall accents of the vanity are the complete opposite of the intense white and black tiles that surround it. The bathroom design is whimsical and fun, and the furnishings mirror that energy.

10. Stormy gray

Moody gray high-end bathroom vanity with under-mirror lighting and a black sink.

If Batman designed a bathroom, it might look something like this. The room gives off a solemn vibe completely decked out in gray marble with mellow lighting. This high-end vanity gives you plenty of counter space and light where you need it.

11. Glowstone vanity

A glowing vanity with backlit stone is the star of this high-end bathroom.

Here’s a fabulous bathroom vanity fit for royalty. It features a thin piece of stone backlit for a dramatic effect. There are also a couple of intense patterns that play off each other throughout the rest of the room.

12. Live edge wood vanity

Luxury bathroom vanity with a live edge wood countertop in a deep brown stain.

If you’re into natural furnishings, here’s a luxury bathroom vanity for you. This piece features a thick live edge wood slab finished in a simple stain to bring out its beauty. With a countertop like this, you can keep the rest of the bathroom simple.

13. Luxe in black and white

<alt text> White and black marble meet in extreme contrast in this luxury bathroom.

Pick any point in this bathroom and chances are it will be made from marble. There are plenty of bathrooms finished completely in marble, but the difference here is the contrast between bright white and midnight black. It certainly creates a dramatic effect, and the bathroom furniture matches the style.

14. Fiery onyx

This high-end bathroom vanity uses backlit onyx to create a statement.

Here’s another vanity design that’s full of inspiration. This vanity uses thin pieces of backlit onyx to create a striking mood. Even though the vanity is small, it makes a big statement. Notice how the surrounding walls have a simple style to not overwhelm the interior design.

15. Yellow waves

A whimsical luxury bathroom covered in yellow glass blocks.

This San Francisco bathroom by Mark English Architects is something else. The floor is made from cast iridescent glass blocks and is also heated. You’ll notice there are two vanities behind the central shower. The mirrors are hung from the ceiling in front of a glass block window so the room stays airy and light.

The post 15 insane high-end bathroom vanities appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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