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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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How To Install A Farmhouse Kitchen Sink In 5 Steps

You don't have to be a farmer to have a farmhouse sink, and you don't have to be a professional contractor to install one. If you have some time and the right equipment, you'll be able to complete a respectable installation yourself.

The post How To Install A Farmhouse Kitchen Sink In 5 Steps appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

You don't have to be a farmer to have a farmhouse sink, and you don't have to be a professional contractor to install one. If you have some time and the right equipment, you'll be able to complete a respectable installation yourself.

The post How To Install A Farmhouse Kitchen Sink In 5 Steps appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

White farmhouse sink in a bright kitchen with blue and white cabinets.

If there’s one thing that can become a focal point of a kitchen, it’s a big, shiny farmhouse sink. It’s amazing what a simple change of kitchen sink can do for the overall feel and design of a room. A fireclay sink, in particular, has a timeless quality that can elevate both modern and traditional kitchens.

Farmhouse sinks are also known as apron-front sinks?the apron is the wide front of the sink that’s on display in front of the cabinet. They are heavy and require cutting into the base cabinets for installation. However, you can install one yourself with the right tools and some patience. Plus extra help to do some heavy lifting.

Step 1: Choose the right sink

There are a few different types of farmhouse sink installations. If you have a laminate countertop and want to do as little work as possible, you can get a drop-in farmhouse sink that has a lip that sits on top of your countertop. It drops in just like a standard sink. However, with this type of sink, you won’t be able to wipe food scraps and crumbs directly into the sink.

The two other types of farmhouse sink installations are flush-mount, which lines up vertically with the countertop opening and can sit at or below the counter, or under-mount, in which the counter comes over the sink opening just a bit.

These last two installation styles are more typical of the farmhouse sink design. Flush-mount installations require extra silicone beads around the edge to seal the joint. Both of these styles require countertops that are custom-cut to fit the sink.

Farmhouse sink types

White natural stone farmhouse sink with chiseled front and undermount installation.

As far as materials go, you have a few options:

  • Fireclay: This is the most popular type of modern farmhouse sink, and it’s usually the style people have in mind when they think of the design. Fireclay is heavy but also low maintenance and beautiful.
  • Copper: This material can have an antique look with different types of hammered finishes. Copper requires regular care and will also develop a patina over time.
  • Stainless steel: Farmhouse style sinks made of stainless steel are versatile and easy to install. They are also low maintenance.
  • Cast iron: This is the oldest sink material, and people still use it today. Cast iron sinks are usually covered in porcelain enamel and are very durable.
  • Natural stone: You can find farmhouse style sinks made from marble, granite, basalt, and more. These can certainly make a statement.

After you’ve chosen the sink, make sure you consult any installation instructions from the manufacturer. If you plan on using professional countertop installers, they may want to see the sink and measure it before it’s installed. And order your sink early?a month ahead of desired delivery is best.

Step 2: Prep the area

The next step is to prep the area for receiving a new sink. Here’s what that means:

  • Turn off the water supply lines and disconnect them
  • Remove the drain pipe (use a towel or bucket to catch remaining water in the P-trap)
  • Disconnect the garbage disposal
  • Remove all faucets, handles, and soap dispensers from the sink
  • Cut the silicone sealant around the top of the sink with a utility knife and remove the sink
  • Remove the countertop (use an oscillating saw to separate a glued-on countertop)

After the sink and countertop have been removed, you should also double-check that the cabinet below the sink is level. Flush-mount and under-mount installations sit directly on supports in the cabinet, so this is an important step.

Step 3: Cut the cabinet face

Base cabinet with cut frame to make room for a farmhouse sink.

Unless you’re getting custom cabinets from a cabinet maker, you’ll have to cut the sink cabinets to make room for the apron of the farmhouse sink. You’ll need a jigsaw or oscillating saw for this step. If you plan on getting new RTA cabinets for renovation, make sure they are solid plywood. Cheaper fiberboard cabinets won’t cooperate as well when you go to cut an opening for the sink apron.

Some sinks are curved and some are more angular. On some models, the apron extends to the sides beyond the actual sink basin, so you don’t have to be exact in your cuts. But with others, the apron doesn’t extend at all, so it won’t hide any imperfections.

Remove any false cabinet drawers before you start making cuts, as well as the cabinet doors. Take off supporting brackets that would be in the way of the cut, as well.

If you purchase a popular farmhouse sink from a big box store like Lowes, it might come with a paper template of the sink that you can transfer to the cabinet front. If not, trace the shape of your sink onto a piece of cardboard. Put painter’s tape on the cabinet frame to keep the wood from splintering, and then transfer the template of the sink to the front of your cabinet frame.

Start cutting with the saw at the top of the cabinet and go slowly, following the curve. Sand out any rough spots after you’re done cutting.

Step 4: Build the supports

White farmhouse sink sitting on 2x4 supports in the base cabinet.

A fireclay farmhouse sink, full of water, can weigh 300 pounds or more. Even if it’s a drop-in sink, you’ll have to build supports for it in the base cabinet.

To do this, use a tape measure to mark where the bottom of your sink will sit on the inside of the base cabinet. Remember to account for the sink sitting below the top of the counter if you’re doing a flush-mount or under-mount farm sink installation.

There are multiple ways to build supports, but one simple method is to have the sink sit on a plywood shelf supported by 2x4s. The shelf should sit directly on horizontal 2x4s screwed and glued to the inner sides of the sink cabinet, and then there should be two vertical 2x4s supporting the horizontal ones on either side.

Step 5: Install the sink and finish the cabinets

Finished farmhouse sink in kitchen with white cabinets and marble counters.

Now you’re ready to install the sink. But before you use any glue or sealant, first set the sink in the opening and make sure it’s level. If not, use shims to level the farmhouse sink.

If you use a drop-in sink, you’ll apply sealant around the top edge of the sink after it’s installed. This will hold it in place. If it’s an under-mount or flush-mount sink, you or a professional installer will apply sealant between the sink and the countertop.

The last step is to reinstall the water lines and hook up the pipes and plumbing fixtures. Since farmhouse sinks can be deeper than traditional versions, you might need to shorten your pipes to complete the kitchen remodel. You can cut out sections of PVC or copper pipe with simple tools, or you can call a professional to finish it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install a farm sink?

Depending on the type, the price can vary between about $200 and $800 for farmhouse sink installation.

Can you install a farmhouse sink in an existing countertop?

You can do this in some cases. The easiest way is to find a drop-in farmhouse sink that already matches the width of your previous sink or is pretty close. You’ll still have to cut your countertop, so make sure you have experience cutting the particular material.

What is the difference between a farmhouse sink and an apron sink?

Both of these terms actually mean the same thing, for the most part. The apron is the front part of a farmhouse sink that’s exposed. The term “apron sink” may appeal more to homeowners who aren’t going for a typical farmhouse aesthetic.

Is it hard to install a farmhouse sink?

Because farmhouse sinks, especially fireclay farmhouse sinks, can be so heavy, installation is often harder. It would be wise to use two people, at least. And, farmhouse sink installation involves cutting out a portion of the cabinet front, which isn’t necessary for standard sink installation.

The post How To Install A Farmhouse Kitchen Sink In 5 Steps appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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