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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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15 Creative DIY Bar Cabinet Ideas

What do an old TV, a whiskey barrel, and an IKEA bookshelf have in common? Any of them can become a fabulous bar cabinet. All you need is some time and a few basic tools and you can enjoy extra space for entertaining.

The post 15 Creative DIY Bar Cabinet Ideas appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

What do an old TV, a whiskey barrel, and an IKEA bookshelf have in common? Any of them can become a fabulous bar cabinet. All you need is some time and a few basic tools and you can enjoy extra space for entertaining.

The post 15 Creative DIY Bar Cabinet Ideas appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Entertaining friends can be a blast, but not if you don’t have enough storage space for wine or cocktail ingredients. This is where a DIY bar cabinet can come in handy. Repurposing an old hutch or display cabinet is actually pretty easy. With a bit of patience and time, you can save some money and also get extra space to use as a wine rack or liquor cabinet.

1. Old Tube-Television Turned Liquor Cabinet

Vintage TV turned DIY bar cabinet stocked with liquor.

Modern 4K flatscreen TVs are great for many things, but you can’t make them into a DIY bar cabinet. If you’ve never thought about this before, just look at how great this old TV works as a liquor cabinet. This particular DIY-er installed mirror tiles in the back and accent LEDs.

2. Wall-Mounted DIY Bar Cabinet

Wall-mounted bar cabinet with three shelves.

Now, here’s a DIY bar cabinet that’s a bit simpler in design. The key is to find good woodworking plans and cut the right lengths of wood to make this cabinet work. One of the cool things about this design is that the lower cabinet door hangs open horizontally so you can use it as a shelf.

3. Farmhouse DIY Bar Cabinet

DIY white bar cabinet with metal grating and a farmhouse look.

This DIY bar cabinet is another simple design. You can find woodworking resources for a cabinet like this online. It’s nothing complicated, really. Inside, there are racks for wine glasses and bottles, and the doors have sheet metal inserts to complete the vintage look.

4. Repurposed China Cabinet

Vintage china cabinet transformed into a bar cabinet stocked with glasses.

Originally, this china cabinet had a base that provided more storage. The DIY-er removed the base and added some legs that went along with the design. Besides that, nothing really changed from the vintage piece.

5. Scorched Pallet Wood Bar

Hanging bar cabinet made from pallet wood with a scorched finish.

Here’s another design where woodworking plans can come in handy. This in-home bar is made from pallet wood, which you can find for free if you know where to look. Of course, this DIY-er didn’t just slap up some wood slats. The dark finish was done by scorching the wood (or imitating the technique very well).

6. Retro RTA Cabinet Hack

DIY bar storage made from an IKEA cabinet with mirror tiles and mint paint.

This DIY bar cabinet was made from a simple frameless RTA kitchen cabinet. The DIY-er added some retro cabinet legs and painted the whole thing a bright mint green. They also added scalloped boards of wood to the cabinet door fronts to complete the look.

7. Rustic Hanging DIY Bar Cabinet

DIY hanging fold-down bar cabinet with corrugated metal sides.

Here’s another hanging bar with a shelf for extra space. This one has a very rustic design with a simple wood crate and corrugated metal.

8. Travel Trunk Transformation

DIY bar cabinets made from repurposed travel trunks painted white.

Old trunks make great bar cabinets. These two provide plenty of storage for wine bottles, glasses, and tumblers. The metal legs make it easier to reach the goodies inside.

9. Steamer Trunk Wine Rack

DIY bar cabinet made from large steamer trunk with wine bottles.

Continuing our trunk theme, this DIY project repurposes a vintage steamer trunk, like those that people used through the 1920s. You may have an old trunk sitting in your attic right now that would make a great DIY bar cabinet.

10. Old Dresser Into At-Home Bar

DIY bar made from an old blue dresser provides plenty of storage.

If you don’t have a perfectly-preserved trunk from 1915 in your attic, that’s OK. This DIY bar is made from a regular old dresser. All you need to do is add some shelving and hanging racks to accommodate wine and glasses.

11. Storage Drawer For Wine

DIY wine rack made from white IKEA drawer unit under countertop.

This wine rack can hold plenty of vino?and it’s pretty affordable too. The storage drawers come from IKEA’s BESTÅ line. The only thing to add are some metal racks to keep your wine bottles from rolling around.

12. Whiskey Barrel Turned Whiskey Cabinet

DIY whiskey barrel bar full with glasses and spirits.

This whiskey barrel was given a second life as a liquor cabinet. All it takes is a few shelves and metal guards, and you can store a lot in here. Wheels make it easy to close up this barrel when the kids are around.

13. Bookshelf Bar

Black bookshelf repurposed into a bar cabinet for wine and liquor storage.

Here’s another IKEA hack, but it will work with any bookshelf with enough depth. To make this cabinet more sturdy, you can add thin metal wine racks or hanging glass holders.

14. TV Entertainment Center Bar Cabinet

DIY bar storage made from a wood TV entertainment cabinet.

Remember those big entertainment cabinets that would house a giant tube TV and an array of audio equipment? Well, you can use one to create an awesome bar cabinet with lots of storage. This example has a mirror with LED accent lighting to spice things up.

15. The Ultimate Piano Bar

DIY bar cabinet made out of an old piano with wine and stemware racks.

For the grand finale, here’s a DIY bar cabinet that brings new meaning to the term ?piano bar.? Now, if you’re a pianist yourself, you might wince at the thought. We can only hope the creators used an old out-of-tune beater piano that wasn’t worth repairing. Anyway, it makes for a great bar with mirrors and under-cabinet lighting.

The post 15 Creative DIY Bar Cabinet Ideas appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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