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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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11 Red Bathroom Ideas For The Fearlessly Bold

Red bathrooms can be subdued and luxurious, or they can be fiery and bright. If you're thinking about incorporating some of this bold color into your bathroom, check out these ideas for inspiration.

The post 11 Red Bathroom Ideas For The Fearlessly Bold appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Red bathrooms can be subdued and luxurious, or they can be fiery and bright. If you're thinking about incorporating some of this bold color into your bathroom, check out these ideas for inspiration.

The post 11 Red Bathroom Ideas For The Fearlessly Bold appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

It takes a special kind of person to have a red bathroom. Does it require adventurousness? Boldness? Nerve? Maybe it’s a bit of each. Red is an exciting color. It’s strong and energetic. You can calm it down into burgundy and plumb, or you can let it shine out in bright crimson. Below, we’ll look at 11 different red bathrooms that have something to say.

1. Intense red bathroom

Small tiles create a striking pattern in this red bathroom with gentle lighting.

Red is the dominant color here. Since it’s such a strong color, the designer used different shades of red plus a neutral color in the tile work. Even though it’s a pretty busy visual element, it stays classy at the same time. If there were other colors besides red, it might not have accomplished the same luxurious feeling. This bathroom is also all about recessed lighting, and you can see some underneath the cabinet and under the mirror.

2. All primary color

Bright red tiles cover every part of this bathroom.

This bathroom design uses a similar size of tile, but this time it’s all one color. Primary red is in the spotlight here as it covers every nook and cranny of the room.

3. Into a deep red well

Powder room with dark red patterned wallpaper.

The red in this bathroom is tempered with a pattern that’s reminiscent of wintry branches at night. The effect is intense, but your eyes get a break in the light tile floor and countertop.

4. A red bathroom that’s all about texture

Red bathroom with rustic textured walls and warm colors.

This bathroom has a number of different textures going on. The first thing you’ll notice is the textured orange-red wall. It has texture in both the surface and the color, almost like it has been painted with a sponge. Beyond that, the countertop and frame around the mirror keep your eyes moving across the room. This is a good example of how red can be toned down a little bit to provide a homey feeling.

5. Patterns throughout the room

Large red bathroom with intricately patterned built-in cabinets.

You can tell that a lot of craftsmanship went into this room. Standing along the back wall is a large built-in cabinet that shows off intricate designs in the carving and paintwork. Along with that, the frames around the art and mirrors are carved. The tile backsplashes show off some patterns as well. Similar to the first bathroom, all the colors here are between tan and red. There aren’t any contrasting colors to confuse the situation.

6. Red bathroom with subway tiles

Red bathroom with bright subway tiles.

This bathroom achieves a really clean look since it uses subway tiles throughout. There are tiny variations in color between the tiles, but overall the look is streamlined and coherent. When you’re thinking about installing tiles, the color of the grout is no less important. You can really pick any color you want nowadays. Here, the white grout works really well with the red tiles in this bathroom, and it gives the room a bit of a playful feeling. If the grout was red to match the tiles, the room might feel a bit heavier and darker.

7. Red bathroom with gold accents

<alt text> Deep red bathroom with warm lighting and stone floor.Source

This powder room has a traditional and warm feel, thanks to the tile, wood, and red walls. You can also see that there are some gold accents painted on the wall. When this is done tastefully, it can bring another dimension to the room.

8. Red glass tiles

Red bathroom with glass tiles and concrete sink.

Here’s another tiled bathroom, though this time it’s a bit different. First, these are red glass tiles that take in the light and give off a shimmering effect. Also, the grout between them is red, as well. That intensifies the tiles and lets them be the focus.

In addition to the glass tiles, there are two other bold elements in this red bathroom. Jutting out from the wall is a chunky concrete sink. Concrete works great as a sink material since it’s easy to pour into any shape, and it brings some smooth texture to this busy bathroom. Up above are two metal light fixtures that look like twisting branches. These three elements in conjunction make for an exciting bathroom.

9. Grand luxury with gold and plumb

Red bathroom with dark plumb paint and clawfoot tub.

If bright red isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of things you can do to modify the color. Here, this luxury bathroom uses a muted palette of plumb and burgundy. The warm colors are also confined to the wall and some accessories. In addition to the deep red, gold accents pop out from different places like the mirror and the clawfoot tub. Grounding the whole room are big swaths of white and black, including the checkerboard floor.

10. Just a splash of red

Minimalist gray and red bathroom with lots of empty space.

This bathroom limits the red even further to the side of the tub and some accessories. Here, the red is a bit brighter, but it’s still not a full-on red bathroom. Since red is such a strong color, it works best when added to neutral bathrooms. Gray and white make a perfect backdrop for the red in this bathroom.

11. Red bathroom with a splash of green

Clean white and red bathroom that looks out onto a private courtyard.

Our final red bathroom brings back the color in all its intensity. Bright red acrylic panels line the walls and lead your eye outside. Beyond the tub is a small private courtyard with a bit of nature that stands out from its red surroundings.

If you’ve got the guts, you can pull off a great red bathroom. Since you can incorporate anything from royal plumb to electric ruby, there are endless design options.

The post 11 Red Bathroom Ideas For The Fearlessly Bold appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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