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Kitchens and style collections

Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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11 Glamorous Bathrooms That Will Take Your Breath Away

Take a deep dive into the world of glamorous bathrooms. These bathrooms provide all the standard amenities and then some. Whether that's a fireplace by the tub or walls made of marble, these bathrooms will make you want to stay awhile.

The post 11 Glamorous Bathrooms That Will Take Your Breath Away appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Take a deep dive into the world of glamorous bathrooms. These bathrooms provide all the standard amenities and then some. Whether that's a fireplace by the tub or walls made of marble, these bathrooms will make you want to stay awhile.

The post 11 Glamorous Bathrooms That Will Take Your Breath Away appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, a bathroom needs to provide the bare essentials. But what do bathrooms look like on the other end of the scale? To answer that question, let’s take a look at 11 glamorous bathrooms that might just take your breath away.

1. Spa with a city view

Enjoy a city view from the tub in this glamorous bathroom.

Now, this first one on our list has an intangible quality made from all the elements. You can see that there is some gorgeous architecture in this room. The minimalist curves and angles complement one another. At the same time, everything is drawing you towards this view. Since the view is so spectacular, the designer might have kept the rest of the room simple on purpose.

2. Glamorous bathroom retreat in wood and stone

Glamorous bathroom with exposed beams and stone tiles.

This glamorous bathroom is a little further from the city. In fact, it doesn’t look like you can see any other buildings from this second-story bathroom view. Here, stone and wood mix to create a strong and luxurious interior, and you can see plenty of exposed beams overhead.

3. Inner oasis

Glamorous bathroom oasis with spa and sauna.

What a place to relax. This bathroom is so serene it’s a wonder the owners left it long enough for a photograph. In addition to your standard amenities, this glamorous bathroom has a large spa and a sauna. There are also plenty of different lighting options to set the mood, including the cove lighting in the circular molding.

4. Dark and romantic

Romantic bathroom with accent lighting and tub behind curtain.

Here’s another bathroom that would be hard to leave. It almost feels like you’re in a cave of tiger eye. Indirect lighting really makes the deep hues of this room come to life. It’s almost all monochromatic until you see the hint of blue from the soaking tub.

5. A bathroom fit for royalty

Decadent yellow and white marble encase this glamorous bathroom.

The level of craftsmanship that went into this bathroom is off the charts. In this room, it’s hard to find a surface that’s not adorned in marble or carved designs. And if this is just the bathroom, imagine what the rest of the house looks like. This style isn’t for everybody, but anybody can see the time and labor that went into it.

6. A modern bathroom that sparkles

Modern glamorous bathroom covered in stone tiles and glass.

Here we have the same level of opulence as the last bathroom, but with a different flavor. This glamorous bathroom is covered in stone tiles from head to toe. It features a deep spa and a huge shower encased in glass. Also, you can even see a TV a fireplace on the right. There isn’t much color in this bathroom, though the polished stone and glass reflect light all around the room.

7. Glamorous bathroom tub with a view of nature

Glamorous bathroom with freestanding tub and accent lighting.

This glamorous bathroom has a subtle elegance. The lighting fixtures seem to suspend themselves in midair and give off a gentle light. In this room, the choice is whether to take a bath and enjoy the greenery outside or to bask in the warm marble of the shower. Either way, you’ll enjoy yourself.

When you walk into this bathroom, the freestanding tub is one of the first things you notice. You don’t have to have a bathroom decked out in Italian marble to enjoy a luxurious freestanding tub. It’s on our list of top trends for a bathroom remodel and not too hard to install.

8. Massive skylight in the trees

Huge skylight showcasing the snowy treetops makes this bathroom glamorous.

This bathroom is glamorous in a different kind of way. True, all the fixtures and materials bear the marks of craftsmanship. But what really steals the show here is the view. And it’s not a view through any old window but a giant skylight instead.

When you take a bath here, you can really feel like you’re part of nature. The natural feel of the rest of the bathroom really works off of the view as well. The exposed beams, wood cabinets, and concrete blocks keep things simple to accentuate the outdoors.

9. Modernist bathroom collage

Glamorous bathroom with modernist styling, bright light, and angular fixtures.

Here’s something different. This bathroom is very modernist in its stylings, though it still comes off as light and playful. You may notice that the floor-to-ceiling shower divider has mirrors in unexpected places, and that helps to open the room up. Also, the many rectangular shapes in this room make the few curves stand out. Again, this is a bathroom that suits a particular taste. If it speaks to you, then go for this style in your next remodel.

10. Indoor/outdoor glamorous bathroom

Glamorous bathroom that lets you enjoy serene moments outdoors.

Do you feel like a soak under the stars? A quick rinse in the breeze? Or a warm bath or shower in the comfort of your home? This bathroom has it all. Inside, you have a shower and a freestanding bathtub. And for when the weather warms up, you have a shower and tub outdoors as well. An outdoor wall gives you some privacy, but you can still lay in the tub and look up at the stars.

11. Soak by the fire

A fireplace next to the tub glows in this glamorous bathroom.

We saved one of the best for last. A fireplace next to the tub makes this bathroom a warm retreat during the wintry months. The side of the tub and mantle above the fireplace is finished with wood, and there’s plenty of accent lighting to warm the place up. With the fire going and the tub hot, you might just want to stay in there a while.

The post 11 Glamorous Bathrooms That Will Take Your Breath Away appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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