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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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9 Stunning Ways To Use Master Bath Windows

You don't have to settle for tiny frosted windows in your master bath. How about stained glass? Or a large bow window? Today, there are plenty of options for windows that are both private and elegant. Here are our top 9.

The post 9 Stunning Ways To Use Master Bath Windows appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

You don't have to settle for tiny frosted windows in your master bath. How about stained glass? Or a large bow window? Today, there are plenty of options for windows that are both private and elegant. Here are our top 9.

The post 9 Stunning Ways To Use Master Bath Windows appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Depending on what’s outside, you might not be able to treat master bath windows like any old window. If you have neighbors around, you might want these windows to be a little more private than the ones in the rest of your home.

If not, you’ll have a few more options. Either way, you can enjoy stunning master bath windows in any situation. Here are nine design examples to get your gears turning.

1. Obscure glass

Obscure glass bathroom window in a marbled pattern.

Today, you have a few more options when it comes to glass that can provide privacy. Frosted glass is one type of obscure glass, but there are also many other options. The glass in this photo is obscured with a natural marbled pattern.

It allows this homeowner to enjoy plenty of light from the bay window while keeping some privacy at the same time. Other types of obscure glass include panes that look like they’ve been rained on or shattered. This kind of glass can give an exciting design element to your master bath.

2. Floor-to-ceiling corner windows

Floor-to-ceiling corner master bath windows with a mountain view.

Now, not everyone has a view like this, but if you do, you should certainly take advantage of it. These floor-to-ceiling corner windows provide an exquisite view out to the mountain range and surrounding forests.

Since (we assume) this house is so remote, you don’t have to worry about privacy in your master bath. Even the clear shower makes sure you can enjoy the scenery no matter the reason you came to the bathroom.

The wood stairs going up to the tub also add to the natural feel of the space. And as you move around the room, the concrete wall echoes the textures of the mountains outside.

3. Glass block master bath windows

Block glass windows in the master bath tie into other elements.

Glass blocks are another popular item to use for windows in the master bath. They provide plenty of privacy and can add an element of class to the room. Here, the designer incorporated glass blocks to mark off areas inside the room as well. That helps to tie the whole bathroom together.

In this bathroom, glass blocks occupy most of the window space. However, they don’t block all of the light. The windows at the top have been left alone to maximize the natural light. Another cool thing about glass blocks is that you can take out two or three and install a small window to use for ventilation. That’s a good workaround if you want to use glass blocks for your entire bathroom window.

 4. Master bath windows near the ceiling

Master bath windows high up above provide lots of light.

Another way to ensure your privacy is to install windows that are high up. In this bathroom, we can see that there’s a regular window in addition to a few windows higher up.

Even though this bathroom has black cabinets and dark countertops, it still feels airy and open. That’s because these windows let in so much light.

If there wasn’t a regular window in this bathroom, there would still be options for ventilation. One idea is to open and close a high window using a crank system. The crank can be within your reach even though the window isn’t.

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, this type of window design could be the best option if you want lots of light.

5. Lunette window focal point

Lunette arch window creates a stunning focal point in the master bath.

Now, here’s a window that will make you just want to hang out in your bathroom. This is a modified lunette window with elongated points. As you can see, this one looks out onto some relaxing green trees.

The colors of this bathroom also work together with the natural scene. Marble and light teal echoes the leaves and sky outside. The main thing about master bath windows is to find a design that you really like. Often, we don’t realize how much time we really spend in this room. It’s important that the room is tranquil and rejuvenating.

6. Stained glass master bath windows

Stained glass window in master bath adding color.

This master bath window gives you a different kind of rejuvenation. Here, you can see a brilliant stained glass window illuminated by the daylight shining through. It’s really a spectacular scene to have in your bathroom. Plus, it gives you the privacy you want.

Something like this is a custom piece, of course. If you go this route, you can design the other colors in your bathroom to pair with the piece. Here, the color scheme is mostly neutral, and that certainly lets the stained glass have the show. The natural tile in combination with the window can even call to mind an ancient church or castle scene.

7. Bow windows

Bow window with seven segments in master bath.

Here’s another way you can use master bath windows to frame a gorgeous view. In this bathroom, we have a wide bow window with seven segments?also called a seven-lite bow. It’s similar to a bay window, except it’s bigger and more circular. And the view is definitely something to enjoy.

Dual vanities face one another in this luxurious master bath, and their mirrors also add to the grandeur. As you walk into this room, you’ll not only see the bow window in front of you. You’ll also see reflections of it inside each mirror many times over. There may even be a spot where it seems like you have endless windows looking out to the lake. Just take a bath at sunset and you may never want to leave.

8. Skylight and lunette master bath windows

White-tiled master bath with skylight and lunette.

In this example, the designer went with both a lunette window and a skylight. Skylights are great for adding some extra light in your master bath. They feel a lot more private since they are harder to see into?especially ones that are fully horizontal.

Skylights are also a good option for bathrooms that face a street or a yard. Even if you have a regular window, you might not want to open the blinds very often in that situation. A window or two in your roof can flood the room with light?without compromising your privacy.

9. Tudor windows

Tudor windows look out to greenery from the master bath.

Tudor windows bring to mind the opulence of royalty. This master bath has a regular sliding window along with a double Tudor style window, and you’ll feel like royalty looking through it onto that forest.

Your Tudor master bath windows can go from simple squares to lavish geometric designs. And if you need a more private solution, you can always combine this type of window frame with frosted or obscure glass.


If you’re thinking about remodeling your master bath window situation, there’s certainly a lot you can do. You don’t have to stick with the same old tiny-frosted-window design anymore.

From different types of glass and frames to exciting shapes, there are many ways to make your bathroom relaxing and elegant.

The post 9 Stunning Ways To Use Master Bath Windows appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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