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Kitchens and style collections

Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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15 Kitchen Hood Design Ideas That Will Capture Your Gaze

Do you want a kitchen hood that's industrial and utilitarian? How about one that's surfaced in subway tiles? Whether your hood is over the island or against the wall, you've got plenty of design options.

The post 15 Kitchen Hood Design Ideas That Will Capture Your Gaze appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Do you want a kitchen hood that's industrial and utilitarian? How about one that's surfaced in subway tiles? Whether your hood is over the island or against the wall, you've got plenty of design options.

The post 15 Kitchen Hood Design Ideas That Will Capture Your Gaze appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Having a kitchen range hood is a necessity for today’s home. While apartments and rental homes might not have a big hood, most homebuyers expect to see one in the kitchen. And with all the kitchen hood designs out there, it’s easy to see why. Not only do they help to keep the air free of smoke and grease, but they can also be eye-catching and beautiful. Today, we’ll take a look at 17 different hood designs.

Island Hoods

Nothing says “master chef” quite like a big island hood descending from the ceiling. If you have a high-powered range on your island, this is the type of hood that you’ll want. A more common alternative for the island is a downdraft hood, though these might not work as well and can suck the flame from a gas stove.

1. Round and white

This round white kitchen hood design gives a unique feel to a modern kitchen.

Starting things off is a kitchen hood design that’s a bit different. As you can see, the hood is a white cylindrical chimney that stretches to the ceiling. This style might not work on a range that’s four burners wide, but it works great for this standard stovetop.

2. Mountain retreat kitchen hood design

Rustic kitchen hood design in a log-cabin style home.

On the other end of the spectrum is this kitchen island hood. The theme here is all about natural wood and rustic construction. The hood fits in the space well with its antique-looking facade.

3. Industrial hood design

Industrial kitchen hood design in stainless steel.

Many kitchen hoods are made from stainless steel. It looks great in any kitchen, pairs well with modern appliances, and is easy to keep clean. The hood in this kitchen adds some industrial presence with its stair-stepped design.

4. Black on black kitchen hood design

Black kitchen hood design over the island with glass canopy.

Here, the kitchen hood uses black stainless steel along with a curved canopy of black glass. Glass and stainless are another popular pairing and keep things looking sharp and modern. Since the appliances and cabinets are fairly free of texture in this kitchen, the wood floors and marble countertops really shine through.

5. Warm and inviting

Textured copper kitchen hood design in a traditional kitchen.

The design of this kitchen makes it an inviting place to spend time with family, and the charming hood definitely fits right in. This kitchen hood design uses a textured copper facade to bring some warmth to the room. Stainless steel might not always be the best fit, so, fortunately, there are many other options.

6. Extended hood for high performance

Extended width kitchen hood design with lighting.

With a gas range this large, a standard hood just wouldn’t cut it. In this case, the canopy extends to cover the whole area. This kitchen hood design is very modern, with a slim canopy. Other designs include long trough-style canopies and hoods with dual ventilation shafts.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Hood Designs

Wall-mounted hoods, also called chimney hoods, are great when you can dedicate the space over your range to the hood. They mount right on the wall and take the smoke out through exposed vent stacks. A well-designed chimney hood can elevate the kitchen to the next level. Since these hoods are wall-mounted, you have some more flexibility in design, as well.

7. Butcher block kitchen hood design

Stainless steel kitchen hood design with a butcher block frame.

This first wall-mount example uses butcher block to frame the canopy. This type of design might not be feasible if the hood had been mounted over an island. However, a wall-mount installation adds stability and can handle the weight of the canopy.

8. Traditional tile

Large kitchen hood design with a tan tile facade.

Moving from modern to traditional, you can see that this hood design works great with the surrounding materials. Here, the wall provides an anchor point to build a heavy tile facade.

9.White wood hood

White kitchen hood design with wood that matches the cabinets.

Wood is another option when using a wall mount hood design. Underneath the canopy, the hood system is still made from stainless steel. However, you don’t see that at all. What you do see is a beautiful wood facade that matches the cabinets of this kitchen perfectly.

10. Natural wood

Medium natural wood kitchen hood design that matches the traditional cabinets.

Here’s another example of the hood matching the surrounding cabinets. With a wall-mount design, this is easy.

11. Contrasting stainless kitchen hood design

Stainless steel kitchen hood design over a marble backsplash.

In this kitchen, the designer chose a hood that would stand out from the surrounding environment. The stainless steel hood does just that while elevating the composition of the room.

12. Sleek and modern

Modern stainless steel kitchen hood design over a gas range.

There’s a utilitarian vibe to this kitchen hood design. The flat canopy and straight chimney are there to do the job. At the same time, the hood design reinforces all the parallel lines going on in the cabinets and backsplash.

13. Farmhouse style

Kitchen hood design seamlessly blends it in the surrounding room.

If you weren’t looking for the hood, you might just assume this was a decorative shiplap centerpiece. While there’s a completely functional hood inside, it’s behind a facade that is all about design.

14. Hidden kitchen hood design

Hidden kitchen hood design with a rustic wood beam.

Here’s another example of a hidden kitchen hood. This range looks like it’s beneath a rustic fireplace mantle instead of an industrial hood. From the size of the range, the hood has to be gigantic. At a certain point, an exposed hood can become too imposing for the kitchen design. In this case, the designer hid it behind a smooth white enclave that disguises its size.

15.Subway tile

Elegant kitchen hood design with white subway tiles matching the backsplash.

Now, this hood is all about elegance. The subway-tiled backsplash extends up and over the entire hood, and it makes the large hood seem lighter in weight. The striking design is all thanks to the wall-mount installation.

The post 15 Kitchen Hood Design Ideas That Will Capture Your Gaze appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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