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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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Kitchens and style collections
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15 Places To Hide Easter Eggs In The Kitchen

A new year provides great hiding inspirations for Easter eggs. The kitchen has a lot of untapped potential when it comes to hiding small things, so prepare to be amazed. Other than the Livingroom, the kitchen is usually the brightest area of a home. Use that to your advantage to hide the most colorful eggs of your collection in plain sight.

The post 15 Places To Hide Easter Eggs In The Kitchen appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

A new year provides great hiding inspirations for Easter eggs. The kitchen has a lot of untapped potential when it comes to hiding small things, so prepare to be amazed. Other than the Livingroom, the kitchen is usually the brightest area of a home. Use that to your advantage to hide the most colorful eggs of your collection in plain sight.

The post 15 Places To Hide Easter Eggs In The Kitchen appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

Easter is a holiday that brings out creativity in everyone. As the date draws close, families continue to find new places to hide their Easter eggs. If you’re an original thinker, then the kitchen has a lot of untapped potential. With a little planning, any kitchen can be the ultimate keeper of secrets.

1. Top of the Cabinet


The highest peak in the kitchen is the most unnoticed.

The space at the very top of a kitchen cabinet is known as forgotten land. During spring cleaning, it is often one of the dirtiest parts of a home. Get ahead of the game and clean the top of your kitchen cabinet before hiding a few eggs. It’s a two-for-one situation that will gain you the best hiding spot in the kitchen.

2. Replace Your Lightbulb


So simple, yet so perfect. This Easter trick has gained legendary status.

This hiding spot requires a little bit of clear tape to sell it. Take out one of your kitchen lightbulbs and replace it with a decorative egg. This hiding spot is really effective when used in a 4-6 light setup. Even the most curious person will overlook the one light that is somehow an Easter egg in disguise. For maximum fun, use light colors to make it blend in with the rest of the area.

3. Kitchen Drawer


All of that space is put to good use by using none of it.

This one is simple, effective, and often underused. Put the egg at the end of the drawer so that it isn’t fully visible when opening the space. A frantic searcher will not fully open the drawer to notice the price hidden deep within. Use a little bit of misdirection by placing another egg out in the open near the spot you don’t want them to look.

4. Balance A Table


Make sure that the table cover reaches to the floor so that the eggs are hidden.

You can do a lot of incredible things when you have the right parts. Use four eggs to balance a table to trick unsuspecting egg scavengers. Make sure to use a table cloth that is long enough to touch the floor. If the table proves too much for the eggs to handle, then an upside-down bowl or cup on top of the egg. This should give you enough balance without causing the table to lean.

5. In A Pot


A pot with an egg is buried somewhere in this large pile of dishes.

Putting an Easter egg in a pot is obvious, and one of the first places a person would look. But by thinking ahead, you can take one of the more traditional spots and turn it into a fortress of solitude. Put the put in the sink with its lid upside down. It’s now disguised as a dirty dish, and won’t get a second look.

6. Stackable Eggs


Between one of these mugs is a well-hidden Easter egg.

Do you have bowls or mugs that stack on top of one another? Then you have a hiding spot for Easter eggs! Stackable dishware is an excellent hiding spot for multiple eggs. Obviously, the effectiveness of this method relies on having dishware that isn’t see-through or made of glass. In a pinch, you can always place see-through dishware in an out-of-way place.

7. Hiding in Plain Sight


You need more than 12 eggs to create a good illusion.

One of the original and best places to hide an Easter egg is in a carton of eggs. There are stories of kids looking directly at the carton without even recognizing that one egg was different from the others. Placement is everything, and it helps if you have a carton of at least 24 usable eggs. Distraction is the key, so a dozen makes a decorative egg stand out like a sore thumb ? more is better.

8. Cans


Make sure that the can has a top with no sharp edges.

More and more households are now equipped with kid-safe can openers. This marvel of technology ensures that the edges are smooth when opening a can of your favorite food. The process is so natural that you can place the lid back in its natural position. Nothing beats hiding an egg in a can of Campbell’s soup and laughing as the individual walks away.

9. Coffee Eggs


You can't go wrong with delicious branded coffee when hiding your Easter eggs.

Do you have a large canister of coffee beans or grinds? Place an egg in the middle and it’ll be completely submerged. This is an ingenious hiding spot since only the most curious individual will go fishing in coffee for an Easter egg. In the event that the egg is found, the individual will get an egg with a nice fragrance.

10. Salt and Pepper Eggs


Swapping out the salt and pepper shakers has never been so much fun.

Take your salt and pepper shakers away and replace them with two eggs. Keep the colors as close as possible so the switch isn’t obvious. A few people will do double-takes and walk away, while others will miss it completely. For added fun, draw the salt and pepper images on the shell.

11. Behind a Clock


Space is everything when using a wall clock as the hiding spot for an egg.

How much space do you have behind your clock? If the hanging clock has enough space to hide an egg, then make use of it. If your hanging clock has been replaced by an Alexa, then it’s time to improvise. Place the Alexa in a corner and put the egg behind it. Make sure that soft music is playing from the Alexa while everyone is searching in the kitchen. By making it obvious, the area is less likely to be searched.

12. In the Oven


Make sure that the oven is off before you hide the egg at the end!

Put an egg deep in the oven, and then insert a cooking pan to block the view. An empty cooking pan in the oven is suspicious, but few will look beyond the emptiness of the pan. Just like the kitchen drawer, it’s all about going one more layer deeper than the average searcher will think.

13. Decorative Bowl of Eggs


Even with this color scheme, a decorative egg is hard to find.

Kitchens that have a decorative bowl of waxed fruit or potpourri have the perfect hiding spot for Easter eggs. Casually insert one into the bowl so that it blends in naturally with the other items. Depending on your placement, multiple eggs can be used without breaking the illusion. Some masters of Easter egg hiding have managed to put a dozen eggs into one bowl!

14. Fake Candy


In this bundle of chocolate goodness lies a hardboiled egg.

Just like the decorative bowl, a candy bowl can be a good hiding spot. The difference here is how you present the actual egg. Around Easter, there are plenty of Cadbury Crème eggs for sale. They are chocolate treats shaped like an egg and covered in decorative foil. Unwrap the Cadbury’s and repurpose their foil for your Easter eggs. After placing them in a candy bowl, no one will ever notice the difference.

15. Freezer


A great hiding spot that no one will suspect ? even when looking directly at it.

Yes, a freezer! No special placement is needed for the frozen Easter egg. Having a heavily stocked freezer helps, but isn’t necessary to help with the ruse. If you want to be extra sneaky, hide the egg in a large tray of ice.

Wrap Up

The Easter egg hunt is all about bringing everyone together for a fun holiday. Everyone wins in the end as it’s one of the most family-friendly days of the year. With the right hiding spot, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the holiday.

Easter Egg Hiding FAQ

Are Decorative Eggs Harmful?

When hiding eggs, it’s important to note the amount of time they have been out at room temperature. Dyed Easter eggs are not harmful. The decorations are not meant to be edible, and the egg itself is hardboiled before it’s decorated. They can be consumed like any normal hardboiled egg.

Can Any Age Play?

Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy an Easter egg hunt. Pairing adults with kids can also help enhance the teamwork necessary to find all of the hidden eggs. Every family has their own rules, time limits, and prizes.

Which Hiding Places Are Most Common?

Easter egg hunts are traditionally an outside event. Using a predefined area, eggs are hidden in easy to reach places. Kids are often considered when deciding the placement of eggs to ensure safety with the surrounding environment.

Can People Wih Disabilities Play?

You can make an Easter egg hunt accessible to individuals with disabilities. Placement matters in this situation, but doesn’t have to come at the cost of visibility. There are plenty of hiding spots in easy to reach places ? you just have to find them.

The post 15 Places To Hide Easter Eggs In The Kitchen appeared first on Kitchen Cabinet Kings Blog.

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