The interplay of lines and surfaces, together with perfectly balanced proportions, creates a sculptural kitchen decor of unique beauty and timeless elegance.
We Visit You At Home

That's right. We come to you instead of you coming to us. We will measure your kitchen. Then we ask you questions and start the actual design process with you.

Preliminary Computer Designs

We will use the measurements we took of your kitchen to put together preliminary designs of your new kitchen. Then we discuss and adjust with you at our second meeting.

Begin The Detailed Design Process

Once we have the preliminary designs complete, we will begin to put together detailed designs for you, which include specific cabinets, appliances, floors, etc.

Kitchens and style collections

Kitchens and style collections
A fundamental simplicity that is understood the world over. A relaxed spirit that inspires. Here, one's personality can unfold. Because here people are the center of attention, not furniture.
Kitchens and style collections
To those who love urban life, it’s not loud but full of life; not anonymous but social; not hectic but exciting, inspiring, and colorful. The city is a place of possibilities where everyone can find their niche.
Kitchens and style collections
To love the classics, you do not have to be a traditionalist. Whether it's clothes, cars, music or furniture, what connects "classic" lovers around the world is enthusiasm for craftsmanship and authenticity.

Kitchen Cleaning With Essential Oils

Essential oils can be utilized in the kitchen in an assortment of ways – from cleaning and refining to making a disposition. In the event that your craving is to make a quiet and mitigating home, at that point establishing the pace in the kitchen is the ideal spot to begin.
While diffusing fundamental oils in the kitchen, warming and establishing types are an incredible decision for welcoming individuals in. Consider oils, for example, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon — particularly during colder months — to carry a little zest to your space.
Another extraordinary use for fundamental oils in the kitchen is to make your own straightforward cleaning arrangements. Recommended oils by maid service Marlborough, MA include:
Sweet Orange Add a couple of drops to olive oil and you have an extraordinary method to clean and sparkle treated steel apparatuses.
Tea Tree Makes the ideal option to wipe water for cleaning floors, or add to white vinegar for a straightforward ledge shower.
Lemon Known to be utilized in an assortment of cleaning items, lemon makes a brilliant expansion in this formula for making a straightforward, eco-accommodating furniture clean.
Furniture Oil
A characteristic and sweet-smelling answer for cleaning wooden furnishings and floors.
4 ounces jojoba oil
12 drops lemon essential oil
4 drops lemongrass essential oil
8 drops sandalwood essential oil.
Join jojoba and fundamental oils in a shower bottle. Shake and apply delicately to wood surfaces or onto cleaning fabric and wipe.
A note of alert: It's constantly a smart thought to get your oils far from an excessive amount of warmth, so a perfect spot for capacity is a storeroom or a cupboard/organizer away from machines. Keep your oils in a cool dull spot, and they will work well for you in the kitchen, yet all through your home.

How to Maintain Modular Kitchen

Why is Sleek a specialist in Modular kitchen? Sleek has an experience of over 17 years in the modular kitchen industry and hence understands the consumer's taste very well. Sleek also has an inhouse team of designing professionals. From customized modular kitchen solutions within a budget to easy installment of the kitchen, Sleek stands true to its specialist image.

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